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Body: Estate
Colour: Grey
Mileage: 29000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Engine: 5026

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Infiniti FX Review

The Infiniti FX is a newcomer to the European market, having first made its claim to the US market in 1989. At first glance, the FX impresses visually and does everything in its power to capture your eye. The vehicle’s seductive look and stylish design is responsible for this effect; Infiniti even claims that the FX is actually a “sports car at heart.” But how does the FX fare in achieving such a high promise and how far will the rest of its features go in achieving a distinct mark in the market? Read on to find out.


The FX retains design elements distinct to Infiniti, such as the double-arch grille, the distinguished headlight design, and the waveform type bonnet. There’s also the standout look given to the headlights as only Infiniti can deliver, as well as chromed air vents But the FX’s overall look comes into its own and introduces itself as a better option against the less stylish rival models. It seamlessly combines a traditional sports utility vehicle with elements from the coupe and the 4x4.

This Infiniti model also features a front mid-engine position that’s found far away from the chassis. The result of the unusual choice is a short front overhang. Other unique features include the LED tail-lights and airflow that enables a drag coefficient at 0.36.

Other impressive interior details include the so-called self-repairing paint and the quiet operation of the windscreen wipers. The interior sports high-grade leather seats, with the driver’s seat featuring 14-way electric adjustment. Climate control, a DVD player-slash-touch screen sat nav, and aluminum fashioned pedals are other stand out features of the cabin. 

The FX30d’s 3.0-litre V6 lightweight turbodiesel engine is able to produce 406lbft torque at 1750rpm in order to support its power at 235bhp at 3750rpm. The engine’s performance can be generally described as strong but able to keep this quiet, even when transitioning from 0 to 60mph in just 8.5 seconds. A top speed of 132mph is also assured thanks to this engine. The petrol units are just as powerful and still fulfill Infiniti’s promise of a being a “sports car at heart.” 

In terms of ride and handling, the FX is able to control the body’s movement at high speeds and maintain proper steering. This makes the FX a very accomplished model given such prowess in handling on the road conditions. 


Unfortunately, road noise can be heard as you go faster on the FX, thus getting in the way of ride comfort. The FX is unable to find that balance between style and substance when it comes to a vehicle trying to be a sports car. Although the FX claims as well to be an off-roader, the model is much closer to being a soft-roader that can drive through muddy fields. It lacks that extra strength to take it through dangerous off road territory. The high-performance tyres don’t exactly match up to this expectation either. In terms of engine power, the V6 petrol unit doesn’t seem as strong as the diesel. 

In a market filled with diesel engine SUVs, the Infiniti FX stands out with its engaging drive and seductive style. Although boot space is limited and there are some setbacks in the expected tyre performance, the FX still impresses in what it actually promises as a “sports car at heart” in style and performance. 

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Infiniti FX

                In the year 2002, a mid size luxury crossover sport utility vehicle or SUV was created by the luxury vehicle division of the Nissan Motor Company Ltd. This was called the Infiniti FX, which was created as a replacement for the Infiniti QX4, a mid size luxury type sport utility vehicle of the Infiniti luxury brand.

                The FX is a assembled in Tochigi, Japan in 2002 but it is not sold in that country. This car has the Nissan FM platform similar to the QX56, and it follows a front engine, rear wheel drive or front engine, all wheel drive layout. The first generation FX or the S50 was produced in the years 2003 until 2008, and it is a five door sport utility vehicle with a five speed automatic and manual mode transmissions. This version received a facelift by 2006, which added new features to the car.

                By 2008, the second generation Infiniti FX or the S51 was released in the market, which is still a five door SUV, but with a seven speed automatic and manual transmission. This version of the car still follows the same layout, and it remains loyal to its profile of a “giant scarab” and “Bionic Cheetah” look. Since 2013, this car has been manufactured as the QX70.

                For the European market, a specific version called the FX37 was displayed at the Paris Motor Show in 2008 and released in October of the same year. This market was said to account for 80 percent of the FX sales. 

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