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How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

One of the main considerations and often worries of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) is the time it takes to charge, especially if you make regular journeys or drive long distances. Range anxiety is also a real worry, particularly with pure electric vehicles.

What is EV range?

Electric vehicles have a certain amount of energy stored in the battery which determines the distance the vehicle can travel using only electric energy. These miles are referred to as range.

The range can vary depending on your driving style and the conditions inside and outside of the vehicle, so you will likely find you get less range during the winter months as the electricity supply is taken up heating the vehicle.

Does range anxiety apply to Hybrid vehicles?

Hybrid cars are a little different in that they have a petrol reserve which can be switched to once the electric energy is used up, so it essentially eliminates range anxiety. For this reason, Hybrid vehicles are best suited to those making longer journeys.

Why do electric charge times matter?

When you are in the process of purchasing an electric vehicle, the charge times should be considered as some models can be charged whilst you grab a coffee at the services, whereas others require a little more time.

Home chargers are a great way to charge your vehicle, as you can leave it on charge overnight and it will be ready to drive the next morning.

Home charge points come as either a standard 3-point plug or a home wall charger which offers much faster charging. The good thing is, there are grants available for having a home charge point fitted, which saves on the initial cost.

Slow charger options:

  • 3-pin 3kW AC
  • Type 1 – 3-6 kW AC
  • Type 2 – 3-6 kW AC
  • Commando – 3-6 kW AC

Fast charger options:

  • Type 2 – 7-22 kW AC
  • Type 1 – 7 kW AC
  • Commando – 7-22 kW AC

Compare electric charge times

We’ve compared some of the most popular electric vehicles on the market with the time it takes to charge using a public charge point (rapid) and a home wall box option.


Electric Range (miles)

Rapid Charge 100kW (to 80%)

Home Wall Box (to 80%)

Citroen e-C4


30 minutes

From 4 hours

Cupra Born


35 minutes

From 6 hours

Ford Mach-E


45 minutes

From 9 hours

Hyundai IONIQ


57 minutes

From 6.5 hours

Hyundai Kona


47 minutes

From 6 hours

Kia Soul EV


54 minutes

From 9.5 hours

Kia e-Niro


54 minutes

From 9.5 hours

Kia EV6


18 minutes

From 7.5 hours

Mazda MX-30


36 minutes

From 3 hours



63 minutes

From 8 hours

Peugeot e-2008


30 minutes

From 7.5 hours

Renault Zoe


65 minutes

From 9 hours

Vauxhall Corsa-E


30 minutes

From 7.5 hours

Vauxhall Mokka


30 minutes

From 7 hours

Volkswagen ID.4


38 minutes

From 7.5 hours


With so many electric vehicles on the market, it can make it difficult to know which one to go for.

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