5 of the Best Carnauba Wax

5 of the Best Carnauba Wax


Carnauba wax is a natural wax extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, Copernicia prunifera, which is native to Brazil. It is the hardest natural wax and is often used in car waxes, furniture polishes, and other products that require a high-gloss finish.

Carnauba wax has a number of properties that make it ideal for use in these types of products. It is water-resistant, so it can help to protect surfaces from water damage. It is also UV-resistant, so it can help to protect surfaces from the sun's harmful rays. Additionally, carnauba wax is a good lubricant, so it can help to reduce friction and wear on surfaces.

Carnauba wax is available in a variety of forms, including paste, liquid, and spray. It can be applied to surfaces by hand or with a machine. Once applied, carnauba wax must be buffed off to achieve a high-gloss finish.

Carnauba wax is a popular choice for car waxes because it provides excellent protection and shine. It is also a good choice for furniture polishes and other products that require a high-gloss finish.

Here are some of the best carnauba waxes available in the UK:

When choosing a carnauba wax, it is important to consider the following factors:

Once you have chosen a wax, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and buffing.

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