Which Region Owns the Most EV’s

Which Region Owns the Most EV’s


The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is rolling across the UK, but a recent study by the SMMT reveals a North-South divide in ownership. Southern England boasts a significantly higher number of EVs on its roads compared to the north.

The South East takes the lead with nearly a quarter of a million EVs (247,962.83), followed closely by the South West (148,043.24). This trend suggests several potential factors influencing EV adoption.

A Boon for the South

Southern England is home to a higher concentration of urban areas. EVs thrive in these environments with shorter commutes and readily available public transportation options. Public transport reduces reliance on long car journeys, a scenario less common in rural areas. Additionally, urban centres tend to have a more robust network of charging stations, making it easier for EV owners to top up their batteries.

A Hurdle in the North

Another contributing factor could be the income disparity between north and south. EVs still carry a higher price tag compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. This can be a significant barrier for residents in northern regions with historically lower average incomes.

A Brighter Electric Future for All?

Despite the regional gap, the SMMT data paints a picture of an overall rise in EV ownership across the UK. Every region has a notable number of EV owners, indicating a growing national interest in electric transportation.

Here's a closer look at the SMMT study's findings:

Southern Dominance: The South East reigns supreme with nearly a quarter of a million EV owners (247,962.83). London follows closely with a significant number of owners (122,831.65).

Northern Lag: Northern regions have considerably fewer EV owners. Wales holds the lowest number with just 22,406.46.

The coming years will be crucial in observing how EV ownership evolves across the UK. As technology continues to improve and EV costs decrease, we can expect a more balanced distribution of ownership across the country.

Scotland is known for its stunning natural beauty, with mountains, lochs (lakes), and rolling hills. This might influence EV adoption as these areas tend to have sparser populations and longer travel distances, potentially making public transport and charging infrastructure less readily available compared to southern England. However, Scotland has a strong focus on renewable energy, and this could position it well for future EV growth.

Policy and Infrastructure

To bridge the North-South divide, government policy and infrastructure development will be key. Policies that incentivise EV purchases in the north, such as grants or tax breaks, can make these vehicles more accessible. Additionally, expanding the charging network in rural areas is crucial to address range anxiety, a major concern for potential EV owners.



EV Owners

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South West


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West Midlands


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North East


Northern Ireland


By fostering a more even spread of EV ownership, the UK can accelerate its transition to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation system. This will benefit not only the environment but also public health and energy security. The road ahead may be electric, but it doesn't have to be one-way south.

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