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Our ‘take’ on motoring’s latest happenings is not the usual one. The relentless babble of new model news and carmakers’ announcements is not for us. We’d rather bring you the strange and the wonderful to make you smile, laced with the offbeat and serious that’ll have you raising an eyebrow.  Browse, Share and enjoy.

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Cars in the sky

Flying cars remain the stuff of science fiction. Reports are in, however, that one US company is close to marketing one fo...

Long wheelbase Range Rover to go on Sale in March 2014

Jaguar Land Rover is to release a long-wheelbase Range Rover in March next year. Find out more about it right here.

Say Hello and Wave Goodbye: The Aston Martin Cygnet is Dead

The Aston Martin Cygnet is no more. Here we delve in to why this car has been such a huge fail,

Vauxhall vs Ford: let battle begin

Since the days of the Anglia and the Cortina, Ford has enjoyed its place as the UK’s top-selling car brand. But now Vaux...

Weird car news: A duck’s luck

When wild animals get involved with cars…well, you don’t expect that it’ll turn out well. But this quackers tale of ...

Scotland’s £150 Skoda Batmobile

We’re firm fans of the unusual and off-piste. And so it is that we bring you another clutch of car-related stories that ...

Five strange objects left in rental cars

Ever left something behind in a hired car you’ve returned? Whatever you mislaid, it’ll not come close in strangeness t...

Arrested for driving – with the steering wheel missing

This helping of news is for those readers who can’t have enough of the strange and the unlikely. We’ve all seen some s...

BMW ‘Ghost’ dealership waits frozen in time

This BMW dealership closed suddenly. The rumour was that it lost its manufacturer’s franchise – BMW didn’t want the ...

Taking ‘auto-love’ to a new level

There’s no limit to the battiness of folks. And when it comes to cars, Edward Smith, takes the cake and the biscuit.

576bhp of VXR8. From Vauxhall

Vauxhall. Maker of dull-but-worthy family cars and rep-mobiles. The inside lane of the M1’s usually clogged with ‘em.

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