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A car-lover scorned…

Mostly, we love our cars. But there are those days when you’d swear that you wheels has a will of its own and is determined to be as awkward as can be. So it was for Italian car owner, Spartaco Capon. The 35yo accountant had just bought a secondhand Fiat 500. Previously, he’d been using public transport to get to work. It was unreliable, however, and his boss had given him a warning because of the number of times he arrived late.

But in the first week of owning his baby Fiat, it decided not to start. Knowing that he would be late for work, Spartaco flew into a frenzy. Enraged, he took an axe and ‘punished' the car, chopping again and again at the bodywork until every panel was destroyed.

Neighbours in Lissone, northern Italy, called the police who, after talking with the car-owner, took him to hospital, where he received psychiatric treatment. The car, meanwhile, was towed away. The local Fiat dealer said it was too badly damaged to repair.

Revenge is watery

Staying with car-related revenge, an estranged husband in Philadelphia, US, decided that if he couldn’t have the red Chevrolet Corvette he’d shared with his soon-to-be ex-wife, then no-one should have it. So he went to her address and took the 1990-reg sports car, driving it to the banks of the River Delaware. Climbing out first, he let the car roll into the water, where it sank.

A passer-by saw what had happened and called the police. Suspecting that there might be a body in the car, marine divers had to swim down 30ft into the water to check. Finding nothing, they used a tow truck to pull it from the river. Police said that while the un-named man probably would face theft charges. However, he would face charge for reckless endangerment, while it was also likely that he had broken a court order preventing him from going to his wife’s home.

Car becomes sheepdog

Finally, this tale departs from our theme so far: it’s just heart-warmingly daft. Farmer Dave Isaac had a space in his life after beloved sheepdog Floss died.

Farmer Dave Isaac's sheepdog carHowever, instead of getting another canine companion, he opted to spend £2000 modifying his Peugeot estate car to resemble a sheepdog and he now drives it around his 180-acre farm to herd his flock. Dave, of Battle, East Sussex, said: “Sheep aren’t known for their intelligence and don’t seem to notice the difference.”


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