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Angry to the core

Maybe it was the burble from the V12 engine. Or, perhaps, it was because the Italian supercar was parked illegally, on the approach zig-zag markings of a pedestrian crossing. It could even be that the apartment dweller in London’s well-to-do Knightsbridge just disliked Lamborghini Aventadors. Whatever. He decided that enough was enough and that he needed to let the car’s driver know of his displeasure. And it appears that the contents of his fruit bowl was what fell most readily to hand.

First one apple whizzed down, flung from three storeys up, then a second. Clearly the driver of the supercar is none too impressed – but there’s little he can do. In fairness to the apple thrower, his neighbourhood in the summer becomes the playground of super-wealthy foreigners who sometimes use the local streets as racetracks. Not that that is necessarily the case here: just saying.

Unlucky for some

We’ve all done it at one time or another. You’re busy, your mind is elsewhere and, in a moment’s inattention you pop something on the car roof, get in, forget it’s there and drive off. Often it’s a phone or a set of keys. If you’re really unlucky, it’s your handbag or wallet.

But, pity the poor security guard, collecting cash from a casino in Atlantic City. He did the unforgiveable thing and put a bank bag containing $21,000 on the roof of his armoured truck and forgot it. CCTV showed that the cash remained there in its clear plastic container as the guard made a stop at another casino to pick up more cash. It fell from the roof somewhere between this later stock and the security depot but hasn’t been recovered. The security company will reimburse the casino and absorb the loss.

A message from Above?

Now; stories of people seeing the faces of religious leaders in cloud formations, patterns on tree stumps and even in old photographs are nothing new. Here, however, we have a tale of a face appearing as the result of a scraped car bumper. And, indeed, the pattern left where the coming-together has scratched away paint does bear an eerily lifelike resemblance.

Opinions differ as to whom the face resembles; the car’s owner posted a pic of the scrape on content sharing site Reddit and, when last we looked, had attracted over 500 responses.

I’m not sure that we can see Edgar Allen Poe as could some posters nor, to our eyes, at least, could it be Hitler, or for that matter, Morten Harket, singer with ‘80s pop combo A-Ha. Current favourite for us is Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

However, this being a motoring web site, the one thing that had us puzzling hardest was not whom it resembled, but which make and model of car was it adorning. If you know, do drop us a line.

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