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Barina fever

Ever heard of the Holden Barina? No, us neither. All the same, we think you should watch this video commercial (right). Shot and edited by its owner, the ad’s so good you’ll find yourself wanting one. Reaction to the amazing ad has gone global, with the spoof ad viewed on YouTube over 1,225,000 times, while  #buymybarina also drew 64,000 Tweets. And bids have come in via Twitter for the car of as much as 2000 Australian dollars (£1094), which is roughly twice its market value.

The 1999 car is the Aussie-market version of the Vauxhall Corsa. It’s covered 188,000kms (117,000 miles). It’s a shed of a thing, biffed and bruised around the body and near the end of its useful life. This ad, however, crafted by the Barina’s owner and creative whizz David Johns, makes it look something special: attractive, mysterious, desirable. Glamorous, even. Yet while it manages to lend the car unwarranted appeal, it still describes it (fairly) honestly. It’s also a great advertisement for the company Mr Johns works for, Digital Chimney.

Mr Johns has now decided to auction the car, with the proceeds going to an Aussie cancer charity.

Water way to go

Staying with car sales, this video http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/weird-news/water-way-go-woman-engrossed-3859935 is sure to brighten the day of auto salesman everywhere. While we’re not usually ones to laugh at the misfortune of others, we’ve little sympathy for this visitor to a Ukrainian car showroom.


As the film shows, she’s so engrossed with checking her mobile phone that she doesn’t notice that the swanky sales palace she’s visiting has what appears to be its own ornamental pool. Until, of course, it’s too late because she has stepped into it. Then, to makes things worse, she panics and falls headlong into the water.

She recovers quickly, though, and pulls herself from the wet, shaking her sodden clothing, bag and phone. She’s mistaken, however, if she hopes that few people have noticed. Because of course, showroom security guards, whose off-camera sniggering can be heard clearly on the recording, notice her plight.

Water Caddy

Keeping now with an aquatic theme, we’re particularly proud to bring you a classic Cadillac with a difference. It’s immaculately presented…but includes a hot tub and spa in place of the regular seats.

And if that isn’t madness enough, its owners (who seem on camera to be very level-headed, by the way) plan to take this 1969 DeVille convertible up to 100mph on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, which have been used for many speed record runs.

While cruising at three-figure speeds courtesy of the car’s 7.7-litre engine, owners Phillip Weicker and Duncan Forster plan to enjoy the hot tub, although they do expect the water to slosh and spill a little as they go. Mad… but wonderful, too.

Cadillac with jacuzzi aboard


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