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Car cow crime catches criminals

You’ll know by now that here at Autoweb.co.uk, we’re suckers for car tales whenever animals are involved. And this one is a doozy. Police in Riverside, California, spotted to men loitering outside a car repairs centre just before 2am.

On investigating they found that one was wanted on drugs charges. They arrested the man, Cesar Zamora Santa, aged 31 – but then discovered that the car he was driving had a 3-day-old Jersey calf on the back seat. The men claimed they’d bought the animal for $200 from the local petrol filling station. Neither man had any paperwork relating to the 150lb calf and officers noticed that the identification tags that farmers attach to the ears of their livestock were missing. It looked as if they had been forcibly removed.

Santana is now residing at the Smith Correctional Facility in the nearby town of Banning, where illegally transporting livestock is added to the charges he’ll face when his case reaches court.

Meanwhile, the calf (said to be worth $500-$1000) is with a local farmer while the police attempt to trace its owner.

Using physics to find a ‘lost’ car

Ever experienced that sense of mounting panic as you traipse acre after acre of a shopping centre parking area, unable to remember where you left your vehicle? Desperately, you press the ‘doors open’ button on your car’s remote, hoping for a glimpse of an answering ‘flash’ of its indicators, that’ll direct you towards it.

Help is at hand in the unlikely guise of a report from scientists at the University of Nottingham. Professor Roger Bowley in a video (right) explains that holding the metal shaft of your key directly against your skull improves the range of your car’s remote ‘plipper’ considerably. In this rather wonderful youTube video, he demonstrates that it, indeed, works. He then goes on to explain the physics behind why this should be so. Pure genius. (and no, it has nothing to do with your intelligence, or the strength of your brain waves).


(NSFW) The Backer

Now, if you object strongly to swearing, please don’t watch the video that accompanies this tale. But it had us hooting with laughter: it’s too good not to share.

Watch and experience the world according to Dave. Dave is a professional car backer. For a fee, he’ll stand behind your vehicle and gesture expertly, helping you glide smoothly into a chosen spot. It’s a spoof, or course, a ‘mocku-mentary’, if you will. It’s the work of Mac Demarco, a Canadian singer/songwriter and comedian, who also stars as ‘Dave’. Do watch to the end – we think you’ll laugh as hard as we did.



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