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Car-surfer shocks US highway drivers

We’ll never know what was going through his mind. But it must have been something pretty irrational to persuade this fella to ‘surf’ off the back of a car along US state highway 77. We’ve this film of him, hanging on for dear life, his feet on the rear bumper, hands to the rear window, because the passenger in a passing car took it using a phone camera.

Later we see the man ‘flying’, Superman-style off the car’s rear, keeping himself in place with a knee wedged against its rear spoiler. We can’t really judge how fast traffic is moving but it’s clearly at a sufficient lick to cause severe injury or even death should he have fallen on to the road. Almost as worrying is that following pick-up truck who, despite the white sedan’s precarious cargo, doesn’t give it any extra following space.

And then there’s the question of why the driver doesn’t pull over and let the man off. North Carolina police later said a woman was at the wheel, with two children aboard. She, they said, was in a relationship with the man. The Charlotte-Mecklenberg police force was not releasing names of those involved, but did say the driver didn’t want to press charges against her ‘stowaway’. We understand that she, and he, got to their destination mostly unharmed.

Car chase across golf course

Next, it’s the kind of thing that happens only in movies: except here, this car chase across the manicured lawns of a golf course is for real. Sirens blaring, lights blazing, no fewer than three police cruisers plough across the grass, hotly pursuing a drugs suspect in a pick-up truck. Golfers filmed the chase, at the course in Moorhead, Minnesota.

A local TV station  reports that police eventually caught the man, 33yo Kendall Feist, of Bismarck, North Dakota, at a shopping mall.

As you can see from the film, the vehicles’ tyres churned up the course’s previously immaculate turf quite badly.

Not an ideal start to a driving career…

Remember your first driving lesson and how nervous you felt? For this teen in Waltham, Massachusetts, it was over almost before it began. Within seconds of setting off from the kerbside for the first time she careered out of control at a junction, hit a tree and rolled the car, which came to rest roof-down on a pedestrian crossing.

No others vehicles or people were involved and the car’s occupants weren’t hurt. Local police turned up to record the incident and, rather unhelpfully, we feel, published a picture of the mishap on their Twitter feed

L-driver flips car

South Wales mystery

Here at Autoweb.co.uk we love a tale of spooky happenings – and this from Parc Trostre, Llanelli, South Wales is a good ‘un. It seems drivers using a shopping centre have experienced car alarms going off without reason or disabling themselves of their own accord. Others found their cars had unlocked themselves and some, still more mysteriously, found themselves locked out of their cars.

Dyfed-Powys police checked the centre’s CCTV, but could detect no sign of the cars having been tampered with. It’s happened more than once and each occurrence is as puzzling as the first.

Theories include radio interference, or would be thieves using some kind of frequency jammer to interrupt remote locking devices and so leave cars vulnerable to theft. Nothing’s been reported as stolen, however. Like we said: spooky.


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