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Cars in the sky

Flying cars remain the stuff of science fiction. Reports are in, however, that one US company is close to marketing one for real. Its development is clouded in secrecy. But an enterprising helicopter crew snapped this picture (right) at the Californian hq of Zee.Auto. The company’s Mountain View location is close to one of Google’s offices, although the two companies deny that they are linked.

Zee.Auto must be getting cash from somewhere, though. Filing a patent doesn’t come cheap, but Zee.Auto has put one in for this. According to US news sources, an image included with the patent application shows the flying car parked in between a family saloon and an estate.

The vehicle has a total of 10 propellers, eight of which face upwards and so would permit a vertical take-off. The remaining two, at the rear, push it along.


BMW’s new teaser

BMW’s got a new M3 on the way. It’ll be joined by an M4, too (the car to replace the M3 coupe). Both are sure to set car fans' pulses thumping. They’ll be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in 2014. And to spice interest, BMW has put out a teaser video.

While it is intriguing to watch, it gives away next to nothing. Which is surprising considering that BMW showed a concept version of the M4 earlier this year that gave plenty of clues to the cars’ appearance. The newcomers will feature six-cylinder motors, which might seem a step down from the current models’ V8s. But they’re twin-turbocharged and more power will be offer – and the cars will be lighter.


A car for the afterlife

Now then. Picturing yourself beside your car on your tombstone mayn’t be to everyone’s taste. But if you were a Russian gangland boss, it was clearly the thing to do. Photographer Denis Tasarov has chronicled their memorials and his pictures are currently part of an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

Judging from these, a Mercedes S-class is the limo of choice to convey Mafia dons to the afterlife.


Fiery surprise

If you’ve ever had your motor broken into or damaged while left in a car park, we’ll allow you a snigger at the exploits of this hapless petrol thief. Having punched a hole in a car through which to siphon fuel, he seemingly forgets that he has a lit cigarette.

As the video shows, he accidentally sets light to fuel, burning himself along the way. Police arrested the 26-years-old Australian and charged him with theft and endangerment. The blaze he started caused £60,000 damage, it is reported.

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