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Giant pothole swallows 4x4

Driving in some other parts of the globe brings with it a whole world of risk and mayhem that’s simply not available to the average Brit. As you’re tootling around the byways of Tunbridge Wells or Todmorden, it’s never a worry that the road surface might suddenly crumble beneath you, to swallow your vehicle whole.

However, as our dash-cam footage shows, that’s just what happened to one 4x4 driver in the city of Saratov, in eastern Russia. We see the vehicle on its roof in a giant hole that has clearly opened up suddenly in front of him as he drove. Luckily, the driver appears to escape unhurt and is pictured beside the car, clearly wondering what the heck just happened.

Incidentally, dash cams are pretty much essential equipment for all Russian motorists, because of the high incidences of road rage, faked crash-for-cash scams and other similar dangers. It’s a different world for drivers…

Ford Mustang wedged on Golden Gate Bridge

Driving on the pavement

Next we go to San Francisco, where the driver of a Ford Mustang found a whole mess of trouble by attempting to drive on the pedestrian walkway of one of the world’s great landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge.

California Highway patrol officer Priya Clemens related what happened to CBS News: "The driver came down through the parking lot at this incredibly fast rate of speed, got up onto the sidewalk, managed to crash through one barrier and then through a steel gate, go another 400 yards or so before getting himself wedged between the sidewalk rail and a median (barrier fence) on the other side,"

The accident happened at 5am one morning, during a storm. The driver was taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries, then was arrested on drink-driving charges. The recovery crew had to wait until the morning rush hour passed, before lifting the car out, using a crane.

The human jack

Now, this is one stunt we’d strongly urge that you never try for yourself, because it’s insanely dangerous. But amateur mechanic Lee Thompson is also a real strong-man.


This YouTube footage shows him bench-pressing by lifting the back of a Vauxhall Corsa. He continues the feat for fully three-quarters of a minute, the car raising and lowering, before he emerges from beneath it wearing a mischievous smile.

Lee explains the stunt thus: "I had a couple of lads with me and they were taking too long to put the jack under the car. In a moment of madness, I attempted to lift the car. To my amazement, it actually came off the ground.

"I actually lifted it a couple of times before we filmed it."

You’ll notice that the antics start with a car jack partly supporting one wheel but then this is removed, leaving Mr Thompson to rely on the strength in his arms to prevent him suffering serious, perhaps fatal, injury. Like we said, don’t try this for yourself.

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