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How did she park there?

Even the best drivers can have an ‘off’ moment. And, if you’re unlucky, an accident can be the result. But, looking at where this Citroen Picasso (pictured) has finished up, it’s hard to imagine what was going through this driver’s mind in the seconds before this happened. The crash occurred in London’s Harley Street, the famed home of medicine. And in a cruel twist of happenstance, it’s just opposite the premises of an eye clinic.

Not that we’re suggesting that this motorist had anything amiss with her vision. However, if you’ve ever driven along this street, you’ll know that it is heavily trafficked and slow moving. You’ll also realise that, in order to mount a pile of parked motorcycles and scooters as she has, the car must have been travelling at a fair lick at the moment of impact. When interviewed later by police, the driver admitted that she had ‘lost control’ of the car.

Even so, we wonder at her abilities. And, meanwhile, we’d bet that the insurance claim form would make an interesting read.

Beware burglar bears

Over to New Hampshire in the US, where a spate of car break-ins plagues drivers in North Conway. In each case, a window is smashed to gain entry and the car’s badly damaged inside, although nothing of value is removed.

Local police have investigated and reckon local bears are responsible. Turns out that they wake from hibernation at about this point in the year and are ravenously hungry after their long sleep. They also know that cars often contain chocolate and other snacks. Conway police have now issued a bulletin warning drivers to clear their cars of anything edible before locking them.

Cars as art

You may think your car is pretty darned handsome, but a bunch of enthusiasts in Texas have turned theirs into four-wheel art masterpieces. Just take a look at the one pictured. The cars gather in the town of Victoria, cruising through the centre in a parade before parking up.

The parade is held annually so if you’re ever in the neighbourhood at about this time of year, it’s not to be missed.

Nice car, posh house

Finally, if you’re selling your house the car on the drive can increase the property’s price… by up to £6000. So says car hire company Avis.

A survey of 2000 adults revealed that over half took notice of the owner’s car when viewing a prospective new home. A top-end model gave the impression that the neighbourhood was safe and desirable. An Audi, BMW or Mercedes would be the best choices to impress, along with pretty much any convertible. In some parts of the UK, survey respondents reckoned the right car could sway buyers towards bidding up to £6100 extra.

Avis don’t actually suggest that you hire something flashy just to impress – but it’s clear they wish to plant the thought…

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