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Long wheelbase Range Rover to go on Sale in March 2014

Is your gigantic Range Rover too short? Do you have £140,000?

In an effort to address criticism of the Range Rover Sport's and Range Rover Vogue's cramped rear seats, as well as extend the Range Rover line-up to people with fat children or unusually tall members of the family, a new long-wheelbase Range Rover will go on sale next March, with a public debut at the Los Angeles and Guanzhou motor shows in November.

The new Range Rover, which will cost upwards of £140,000, will be the most expensive Range Rover ever built and could stretch upwards of £150,000 for the top-of-the-line Autobiography Black Spec Edition.

So what do tens of thousands of pounds buy you?

Well, Land Rover says that the LWB Range Rover will have 140mm extra rear legroom, which is a result of the cars body being extended out over the rear wheels. Rear passengers will now sit partially over the rear wheels, and buyers will be able to choose what type of rear seat they have - a traditional bench or so called 'executive class' rear seats. Both types of seat are highly adjustable and can be reclined up to 17 degrees - or, simply, far enough back for you to dose off in your bubble of luxury. The seats have also been improved whereby they are twice as fast to recline.

As standard the car will have unique side sliding doors and every LWB Range Rover will have a panoramic sunroof. The result will be an incredibly spacious and free-feeling car, something which the current Range Rover line-up cannot achieve.

Inside, the long-wheelbase Range Rover will see several changes over the Vogue - first up, all soft tough materials are thickened, the centre console has been extended and can be electronically deployed, the tables are now leather-covered and there are a total of 4 extra cup holders. Trim levels are also said to be more configurable, with new versions of leather upholstery available to choose from. On top of that, there will be 10.2-inch screens set in to the back of driver and passenger head rests and a top of the line Meridian audio system will feature as standard across the LWB Range Rover line-up.

Ultimately, the long-wheelbase Range Rover has been dreamt up to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S Class and Bentley Continental. At £150k, the Autobiography Black will be as luxurious as either of those cars, but much more practical. It will stand out from regular Range Rovers firstly with its lengthened proportions, but also its unique grill, trim, and 22-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels.

The long-wheelbase Range Rover will be available in two specifications, which are Autobiography and Autobiography Black Spec. They are expected to start from £140k and £150k respectively, which is actually pretty good for the amount of car you get.

The LWB Range Rover will be the very first engineered to order car from Jaguar Land Rover, and it is expected that potential customers will be able to configure their car online for the perfect level of customisation before ordering.

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