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Weird car news: A duck’s luck

When wild animals get involved with cars…well, you don’t expect that it’ll turn out well. But this quackers tale of a duck trapped inside a family Ford seems to have reached a happy ending.

A woman from Baldock, Herts, hit a duck while out in her Ford C-max. Despite the clouds of feathers, she couldn’t find the bird, and assumed she must have killed it.

But our feathered friend was actually stuck under the bonnet of her car – something she discovered only after three days when her dog began to sniff around the front of the car. The woman drove to her local vets, who found the duck wedged in the engine bay, still alive. Try as they might, they couldn’t free it, so they enlisted the help of a nearby garage.

Mechanics there removed the car’s bumper and grille and rescued the duck, which they’ve decided to call ‘Baldock’. After a night recuperating the vet set the mallard free at a local pond, where he’s now reported to be living happily.


Holiday car-park hell

This story sounds like a holidaymaker’s worst nightmare. Families in Miami, Florida, returned from an ocean cruise to the car park where they’d paid to leave their vehicles safely.

However, valet staff there had a row with management, seemingly over non-payment of wages. As a protest, it appears they took all the keys to customers’ cars and left them in a pile on the pavement. Wild scenes followed as drivers scrabbled to find their keys, and several unlucky customers learned that theirs had gone missing. They had to wait out for auto locksmiths to cut new keys.

As the local TV news reported , the parking company accused a competitor from a neighbouring lot of sabotage. The rival, meanwhile, pointed the finger of blame right back at the first company.

Meanwhile, the city authorities have withdrawn the first company’s parking operator’s licence.


Driver headbutts cars

Finally, a motorist in western Australia took road-rage craziness to a whole new level. After crashed his own car on a motorway south of Perth, he jumped out and began headbutting other vehicles caught behind his. He whacked one windscreen hard enough to break it, terrifying the driver.

His antics were caught on a dashboard camera. Police arrested the man and took him to hospital, where his mental state was under assessment.

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