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Yellow Corsa – spoils the view?

Who’d have thought that a little yellow Corsa could cause such a car-fuffle? A storm has kicked up on Twitter, however, as visitors photographing one of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds reckon that the canary-coloured hatchback ruins the view.

The fuss centres on Arlington Row in Bibury. It’s a row of 14th century cottages owned by the National Trust. Reckoned to be among the most-photographed sites in Britain, an image of them even features on the inside covers of UK passports.

After several tourists and photographers Tweeted to complain about the car, the national press took up the story. Turns out that the car belongs to an 82yo retired dentist who lives close to Arlington Row. He points out (reasonably, we think) that he needs the car for grocery shopping and has nowhere else that he can park.

Locals sprang to his defence, saying they’ve no objection to the car. And now, as is so often the way in our modern world, the car has its own Twitter page.

Cops and robbers II

Now we don’t know what it is about US police and their cars but they do seem to let those they arrest steal them from under their noses  far too often. A while back we reported on one such case where the accused pinched a police black-and-white even though she’d been handcuffed http://www.autoweb.co.uk/news/when-the-tough-go-shopping. Now here’s another instance from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Officers called to a domestic disturbance brought a male from the property as a means of ending the trouble. While initially calm, the man lost his temper after they refused to let him back into the house to collect some belongings. He then jumped into the police cruiser and drove off in it. The officers shot pepper spray at him but this failed to stop him as intended.

And, adding insult to injury, he then used the car’s police radio to taunt the hapless law-enforcers, at the same time jamming the frequency so that other patrols couldn’t use it. Eventually, using other vehicles, police boxed in the car and broke its window so that they could arrest him. The man is charged with multiple felonies.

Oops, wrong pedal

Finally, a driver’s mishap gave bathers at a pool in Pennsylvania the shock of their lives when the car crashed through the wall of the building and came to rest with its tyres just inches from the swimmers’ slow lane of the pool.

Police said the driver’s foot slipped on to the accelerator by mistake, causing the red saloon to shoot forward while parking. Fortunately, no-one in the pool – at the YMCA in Ridley – was hurt, while the driver suffered bumps and bruises but escaped more serious injury.

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