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Five of the Best F1 Cars of All Time


Lotus 79, 1978

Lotus 79, 1978

The Lotus 79 is in my opinion the most beautiful Formula One car of all time. Called the 'black beauty' back in its day, it is immediately distinguishable thanks to its black paint work and John Player cigarettes livery. The sound this F1 cars makes is also instantly recognisable, with the Ford Cosworth V8 engine producing a sharp bark and everlasting roar.

As well as being beautiful, the Lotus 79 was successful in the races too. It clinched the Constructor's Championship for Lotus and the Driver's Championship for Mario Andretti in 1978. Built upon the ground effect foundations, this car had unrivalled agility and huge levels of down force, and many of the same mechanical features of F1 cars of today. Thanks to its huge down force, the 79 gripped the track like no other F1 car of its era and was repeatedly seen overtaking cars on corners.

Due to this cars advanced mechanical components, the 79 is credited as the car that launched F1 into the world of aerodynamics. Also, the Lotus 79 is reputedly the first Formula One car that was designed in wind tunnels with computer aided design.

I had a tough choice choosing between this and the Brabham BT46B (yep, the one with the fan on the back), but the Lotus clinches fifth thanks to its stunning design and advanced engineering. 

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