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Five of the Best Things about the Upcoming Polo GTI


Refinement will be better than the competition

Refinement will be better than the competition

Hot hatches are supposed to be fast, fun, and practical. Refined doesn't really enter the list of must-haves for hot hatch buyers, but it's something which will come naturally with the Polo GTI, a car which is based on the most refined small hatch money can buy. Whether or not this is a downside will depend on your priorities, but when the speeds slow down and one has to take the family on a long drive, I'm of the opinion that everybody will wish that they had a car with high levels of refinement and comfort.

The jury is still out on ride quality though. We expect the Polo GTI to come with a driver profile select feature which includes Eco, Sport, and Individual models. It's likely that these modes can soften and sharpen the suspension. It would also be nice to see an automatic mode, although this is unlikely. 

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