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Body: Coupe
Colour: Orient Blue Meta
Mileage: 80000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Engine: 4400

Norton Automotive
Call: 01296 536 134
Colour: BLUE
Mileage: 192000
Engine: 3982

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Engine: 6592

Sandal Huddersfield BMW
Call: 08445584941

BMW 8 Series Buyers Guide

The BMW 8 Series was once the automaker’s flagship model back in the 90’s. More than 20 years later, the 8 Series still draws a lot of eyes because of its handling and power. This four-seat grand tourer maintains an extraordinary position in what people would say a confused segment. Still, many BMW fans are on the lookout for an 8 Series in dealers because of its unique appearance. Individuals who are also looking for a passenger vehicle that drives like a racecar would find comfort by owning an 8 Series. Unfortunately, this model isn’t on the cheap side, and buyers would have to shell out for parts and gas.


The BMW 8 Series is fitted with 3- to 4-litre V8 engines or 5- to 6-litre V12 engines. The Alpina B12 models have 350 bhp to 416 bhp in 4-speed and 6-speed automatic gearbox. Some models, particularly the 840ci, are also fitted with a steptronic gearbox, which allows users to drive in either manual or automatic control. Steering is smooth and accurate thanks to the traction control system, and clean turns can be done easily. Body roll is also very minimal, and the vehicle feels lighter as it gains momentum.

The cabin of the BMW 8 Series has exceptional design and seating. The centre console includes a dual climate control system, music player and a multi-information display system that shows gas consumption and temperature. Indicators and controls also surround the gear lever, which varies depending on the trim level. The front seats are incredibly supportive, and have bolsters that help keep the driver and passenger secure on sharp turns.

The BMW 8 Series has no rain gutters. This is for improved aerodynamics. Instead, it uses a roof frame strip and black trim to create a wind-tight seal. All 8 Series models have quad exhausts. The Sport trim also has a CSi mirror which is more ovoid than the standard mirrors. The BMW 8 Series also has great headlights in addition to its distinctive pop-up projector lenses.


Although the engines are powerful and deliver the speed that the supercar is capable of, maintenance of the 8 Series can be problematic because of the engines’ inherent failures and problems. The suspension adjusts automatically thanks to the Electronic Damping Control. But the weight of the car can wear the suspension down in time.

The 8 Series uses a unique Seat-Integrated Belt system that keeps the rear seats accessible. But while the latter are generously upholstered, they can be highly claustrophobic. Adults may find the seats too small for comfort. In terms of practicality, the interior has a number of pockets and compartments for storage, but these may be too small and flimsy for use. In contrast, the boot is very spacious. The lower spoilers may pose a problem for parking and kerb clearance, but helps keep the car in balance at high speeds.

For those looking for a passenger car, the BMW 8 Series is definitely not the best choice. But those who favour the model’s speed and handling will find the 8 Series a great drive.

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