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Body: Hatchback
Colour: Ocean Grey
Mileage: 14500
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1598

Body: Estate
Colour: Silver
Mileage: 42000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1598

Call: 01923 556061
Body: Hatchback
Colour: Silver
Mileage: 43000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Engine: 1598

International Motor Company
Call: 01142555525
Colour: BLACK
Mileage: 37000
Engine: 1598

Body: Hatchback
Colour: Red
Mileage: 51000
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1686

A.K. Simpson Car Sales
Call: 01617170398
Body: Saloon
Colour: Silver
Mileage: 41041
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1796

Cestrefeld Service Station Ltd
Call: 01246269289
Body: Saloon
Colour: Grey
Mileage: 52773
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1991

Body: Saloon
Colour: Black
Mileage: 57505
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1598

AffordableCars4U Darlington
Call: 01325 711522

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Chevrolet Cruze Review


Since General Motors’ bankruptcy in 2009, the Chevrolet Cruze emerged as the company’s most prominent model. This model emerged from 11 factories located around the world in 2008, enabling growth for GM’s reputation for global value. The Cruze has yet to distinguish itself in the market and find its place in the European C-Segment, but Chevrolet is slowly picking itself up through its small beginning. Momentum is slowly being gathered as the Cruze pushes into the European market, particularly in featuring a five-door hatchback fueled by an economic turbodiesel. Top those features off with its economical value and you’ve got quite a competitor in the market.


The Chevrolet Cruze may be employing the Delta II platform from the Cruze Saloon, but this unit is also seen on the more recent Vauxhall Ampera and Astra. The Cruze manages to be recent and upgraded in this respect. The exterior design is just as impressive, featuring a high-strength steel monocoque frame composed of beams, box sections, and pressings. MacPherson struts can be found at the front and along the rear’s compound crank torsion beam. The potentially crude looking appearance is saved by the hydraulic bushings that also help in enhancing ride isolation. Chevrolet maintains its mark by keeping the concave shoulder line that runs from the front wings until the car’s waist, enabling it to blend easily with the rear. A grille bisecting a body-coloured strip that is formally referred to as another dual-port grille completes the seamlessness of these elements. Topping all this activity off is the Chevy’s stippled gold bow-tie badge.

The interior sports a twin cockpit theme that has the dashboard bisected by the centre console, which in effect effortlessly wraps around the passenger and driver. This look was inspired by the original 1953 Chevrolet Corvette’s sculptural theme. In terms of delivering a driving environment, the cabin provides all around comfort and a look that isn’t cheap at all. It may not be one you stop to look and take in, but the elements are pleasant and offer the necessary functions in the right positions. Quality materials are seen all throughout: from high gloss black and aluminum-like plastics on the centre console, to a steering wheel and gearlever made of leather. The dashboard itself finishes everything off with an attractive upholstery.


Although space is generous at the front area, the saloon Cruze’s coupe-apeing roofline tends to take up the second-row headroom. Plus this feture limits any more space to carry your cargo. The hatchback model has more space, even if it’s not the biggest in its class at 413 litres. You can expand the hatchback’s space to 883 litres by folding the seats down.

True to its name, the Chevrolet Cruze’s refinement and smooth speed delivery makes it an ideal vehicle along long distances. But its 1.8-litre engine can only deliver its 60mph sprint at 10.2 seconds time with an added push and extra commitment. But apart from that, you can’t get such a powerful unit at such an affordable price next to its rivals. You can even get similar power with the 1.6 petrol for less, but its fuel emission and economy only share a marginal difference. You’ll also start to notice the compromise made in the petrol’s lesser performance power.

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