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Mileage: 109864
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1248

Number One Motor Co Ltd
Call: 01603 300669

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A quick look at the Fiat Fiorino Qubo

The Fiat Fiorino is a light commercial vehicle that has been in production since 1977. The first-generation Fiorino ran until 1988, following a tall “high cube” design where essentially a van box is fitted on a Series 2 Fiat 127. In Spain, this Fiorino model was called the Emelba 127 Poker and was produced by Fiat in cooperation with SEAT. The second-generation Fiorino was based off the Fiat Uno, a Brazilian vehicle that boasts of a more modern design. Since it came out in 1988, the second-generation Fiorino has received several facelifts, the most recent of which featured the new red Fiat logo. With the introduction of the Qubo, the Fiorino line was able to tap into other segments of the market and increase the reach that Fiat had. The Qubo is the passenger car variant of Fiat Fiorino van.


If there was one thing prominent about the Fiat Fiorino Qubo is that it is very sturdy, built so solidly because of its roots in a commercial vehicle. However, it is not too stiff either so it offers decent enough control on the road. Since it is the Fiorino van’s passenger car version, the Qubo does move like a car, with an adjustable steering wheel and nicely positioned gearlever to boot.

The Qubo is also very comfortable to use, boasting of spaciousness complemented by extra seats and easy access through two sliding doors. Should more space be needed, rear seats can be removed and a front passenger seat can be folded down into the footwell.

With the eco-Drive system in place, Qubo owners can upload driving records to the Fiat website and will in turn receive tips on how to save on fuel. Not that the Qubo is much of a guzzler. In fact, it offers great fuel economy, with diesel units rated at 68.9mpg and petrol models offering 42.8mpg. Fiat also claims that the Qubo is capable of 50mpg for everyday driving, a very attractive point for anyone saddled with everyday commute. If you’re looking for other save-on-cost bonuses from the Qubo, you’ll be glad to know that the vehicle qualifies for the lowest vehicle tax rate. To begin with, the most expensive Qubo should retail for no more than £14,786.


Because the Fiat Fiorino Qubo is based off a commercial vehicle, it is built on the foundation of function. As such, the Qubo is a very much a useful car but not so much of a pretty one. It’s not ugly by any means and you’ll realize a great deal of thought went into its design, but it’s just not a stylish car. So if you were hoping for a functional car that could turn heads because of flair, the Qubo is not the vehicle for you.

It is also not a car built for speed, with reported top speeds of 97mph and taking 16.5 seconds to go from 0 to 62mph. A higher-powered unit will get you 106mph of top speed and cuts 0 to 62mph time to 12.2 seconds but it’s not that much of a boost.

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