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Ford Focus Coupe – Cabriolet 2.0

When automakers create convertible versions of their economical cars they often seem to forget the style aspect of the car.  This often gets worse when the removable roof is made from metal.  These little cars usually end up with sleek looking fronts combined with less petit back ends.  Ford has taken a small step in the right direction with the release of the Ford Focus Cabriolet.  

The Focus Cabriolet isn’t a perfect looking car from all sides, but catch it from the right angle and it is a dead-sexy car.  For that we have to give the Ford design team kudos. It certainly looks a lot better than most convertible cars in its price range.

Add a 2.0-litre machine under the bonnet and the owner will be very pleased with both the outer imagine and the inner workings of the engine.    The 2.0-litre packs 143bhp of power in it and will take the car from 0-60mph in 10.2 seconds with a top speed of 129mph.   Fuel economy will run a decent estimated 37.7mpg combined.  These numbers are very good considering the cost of the Focus CC with this engine is under £20,000.   

With the car capable of going close to 130mph Ford has made sure that the car is safe for everyone driving and or riding in one of the passenger seats.    A clever addition is what Ford calls the Rollover Protection Device or RPD.  The RPD will shoot out safety-roll bars if the system senses that the car is about to roll over.  The roll bars work in tandem with the reinforced windshield pillars.  The CC also comes standard with front and side airbags on both sides of the car. 

Underneath the vehicle has been set up to handle pretty much any driving situation.   Ford has given the suspension a nice comfy ride over most terrain types by including a multilink rear suspension.  Driving in traffic or on b-roads is easy with the standard electrically-assisted steering system.  

One of the reasons that the Focus CC looks better than most in the same price range is that the metal roof has been designed to fit neatly in the boot area.  To lower the roof the driver simply has hit a button and the two-piece metal top moves to the boot without having the undo any latches or hook any devices.   The whole process takes only about 29 seconds.

Older models of Cabriolet style smaller cars sacrificed boot space or made the interiors not truly suitable for the use of all four seats.  The Focus CC gives a decent 500 cubic litres of room in the boot that is only marginally compromised when the top is down.   The other nice thing is that the back seats will accommodate most adults top up or top down.  This makes the car a little more practical for people with a family.  

The 2.0-litre petrol is offered in the CC-2 and CC-3 trim levels.   The CC-2 comes with 17-inch 10-spoke “Vignale style” alloy wheels, three-spoke leather steering wheel, Sony MP3player and Ford’s Quickclear windscreen defroster.  With the CC-3 trim the buyer also gets leather seats, cruise control, a Sony 6-disc CD changer, auto lights, auto mirrors, auto wipers and chrome detailed front fog lamps and grille.  

Drivers looking for a sexy car that can act as a nice daily commuter and a weekend relaxer will be pleased with the Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet with the 2.0-litre petrol engine.  The best part is that when people are looking at them they will know they are looks of admiration and not giggles about the hefty back end.

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