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Body: Coupe
Colour: Red
Mileage: 59000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 3456

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Lotus Evora Review

Lotus released the Evora as the first model to be based on the manufacturer’s bigger platform. It was launched in 2009 at the London motor show, claimed as the first part of their five-year, three-car plan. Since 2011, however, Lotus management decided on a different take for their bolder ambitions. But the Evora has had difficulty reaching a specific market, unlike the Elise that has found a number of owners. In response to this difficulty, the Evora has been upgraded to the power it needs with a supercharged S model. There are other upgrades that have been made to the Evora—read on to see how they fare on the road.


The Evora sports the Lotus’ fixed/bonded aluminum architecture that’s also versatile and extruded. Panels fitted into the design are seamless. Other great features of the exterior design include a scalable and flexible structure for the rear and front subframes, a passenger tub, and the visual identifiers of certain model variations. The S model distinguishes itself in the Stealth Grey wheels, the stainless exhaust pipe, and a sports diffuser. The rear spoiler includes a panel gap that lifts to reveal the bootlid. The engine is housed in the same area, but the space manages to fit four seats between the wheels. The swage line is included to add balance to the bulk resulting from these functional elements.

The Evora is powered by a 3.5-lite V6 petrol engine that impresses at 345bhp in the rear wheels. This incredible unit can arrive at the 60mph sprint from standstill in just 4.6 seconds. Top speed is at a whooping 172mph. A six-speed manual gearbox is matched to this engine, but there’s also an alternative semi-auto gearbox in response to the clunky tendency of the manual. Steering feedback and weight feels great under the hands, making the drive enjoyable for both passengers and the one on the wheel. The driver can readily feel the front wheels as they turn in—the response is that quick and feedback that direct.

Handling is also just as impressive thanks to the dynamic set-up of the car. Go-kart handling from the Exige and Elise models are included, enabling more than enough grip for dry roads. You will have to tread a little more carefully on slippery roads, but this can be aided through the Sport mode to increase traction. This mode not only gives more control but also lessens any understeer.


The Evora’s cabin is quite a disappointment. Space tends to be limited in the aluminum tub and the high sills, but not anywhere else. And although the Evora has been subjected to several improvements each year, the cabin itself has not been restructured amid all these changes. Only the materials have been upgraded—everything else remains the same and does not make a distinction in the mind. The dials have an attractive interface, but the red LCP readout is rather unclear due to the poor resolution. The aluminum switches become bright with reflections under harsh sunlight. The seat’s backrest angle is also hard to adjust with the door closed. The driver’s position is rather off and the harsh edges surrounding the steering wheel feel scratchy.

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Powerful Lotus Evora

A British manufacturer of high performing sports and racing cars, Lotus has long been an iconic sports car brand. What was once a company that focused on manufacturing road cars has developed to become a leading maker of award-winning race cars, since 1958 when it encouraged its customers to race their Lotus cars. One of its latest and strongest vehicles yet, the Lotus Evora, is only a testament of what this giant company is capable of.

How it came to be

Keeping its tradition of naming all Lotus cars with names that begin with “E”, Lotus Evora is a name play from the words evolution, vogue, and aura ̶ everything that defines what this powerful car is all about. It is the first vehicle of three, which is based on Lotus cars’ all-new vehicle platform.

Beauty and functionality

The company has combined the best that technology and nature has to offer to come up with the graceful yet high performing Lotus Evora. Its powerful, state-of-the-art engine offers high performance unlike any other just as its suave, leather sports car interior offers comfort and luxury. The Lotus Evora is everything that a driver and sports car enthusiast can ever hope for-stunning, strong, and ever reliable. 

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