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Body: Hatchback
Colour: Yellow
Mileage: 49
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Engine: 1197

Hare Motors
Call: 01422240240
Body: Convertible
Colour: Platinum Grey
Mileage: 28986
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1390

Sandal Auto
Call: 01924 614 614
Body: Convertible
Colour: Silver
Mileage: 7000
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1390

Senior Cars Ltd
Call: 01858 462117
Body: Convertible
Colour: Grey with Black
Mileage: 16500
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Semi-Autom
Engine: 2000

Wimbledon Carriage Co
Call: 0844 5584 956
Body: Hatchback
Colour: Oryx White Metal
Mileage: 200
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1197

Nottingham Volkswagen (Daybrook)
Call: 0800 0125 826
Body: Hatchback
Colour: Grey
Mileage: 700
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1968

Roundabout Cars
Call: 01384422511
Body: Hatchback
Colour: Black
Mileage: 10020
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1900

Colour: YELLOW
Mileage: 21758
Gearbox: MANUAL
Engine: 1390

Sussex Used Cars
Call: 01424 850505
Body: Hatchback
Colour: Yellow
Mileage: 10000
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1968

John Sherwin VW & Audi Specialist Ltd
Call: 01773 604400
Body: Hatch
Colour: Tornado Red
Mileage: 19005
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 1200

Direct Cars Ltd
Call: 0844 5581 215

VW Beetle Review

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic models out there. Launched back in 2003, the car has been a popular choice since then for its signature drop-top appearance. Unfortunately the recent models have done little to maintain its appeal to the current market. It still relies too heavily on the nostalgic feel a specific market is after with the Beetle. The question lies in how far this appeal can go in delivering ride, performance, and handling.


The latest, all-new Beetle combines original elements from the iconic original with modern, update elements. This generation features bigger space, more contemporary elements, larger dimensions, and a redesigned interior. The interior also sports elements from the classic design, such as a traditional look for the glovebox compartment and the not so typical high dashboard.

Engine choices for the British Beetles include the 1.4-litre petrol TSI or the Twincharger. The entry-level offers the 1.2-litre TSI in the different VAG group superminis, packing in 104bhp, 137g/km emission, and 47.9 mpg. You can reduce your emission at 42.8 mpg and the efficiency at 153g/km by using the supercharger at 158bhp and a turbo engine. The Twincharger is your best bet with its fuel efficiency; economy, and a progressive 6000rpm redline that reaches 62mph in just 8.3 seconds. The 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine is just as good, packing in 138bhp.

Safety systems are placed to guarantee driver and passenger security. There are two extendable hoops behind the rear bench seat, allowing airbags to be triggered once the car rolls over the hoops. More security is guaranteed via the fixed A-pillars of the system, which protect all four passengers on each seat.


Unfortunately the Beetle fails to maintain the Volkswagen’s signature ride quality. The Beetle fails to maintain proper composure through a variety of surfaces, particularly in the more urban roads. Otherwise the car performs well on the usual motorway and B-road areas. Expect the ride to be a bit bumpy and firm as you go through these roads. Steering is another weakness of the new Beetle, as it becomes heavy against the usual hatchbacks. As a result, you feel disappointed by the riding and handling performance of the Beetle.

The boot has a limited capacity of 310-litres and its square shape doesn’t allow for extra space. But you can add a little more space via a 50/50 split rear bench, which can be folded when not used. You could have some trouble, however, fitting anything larger than the average size. Expect to squeeze in larger than usual packages.

Overall the Beetle offers several improvements from its previous life. But it could still be a better finish in terms of performance, handling, and ride. However if you could make do with the vehicle despite its setbacks, the Beetle offers practicality and efficiency in the long run. There are also equipment upgrade offers for certain models, depending on your preference. The default set of equipment is an Electronic Stabilisation Programme or ESP that includes airbags, brake assist, and hill hold features. You can also upgrade into other features such as iPod connectivity. 17-inch alloys, Bluetooth connection, CD radio, etc.  

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The Humble Beginnings of the Volkswagen Beetle


The venerable Volkswagen Beetle traces its humble beginnings to Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Adolf Hitler wanted to motorise Germany and have a people’s car. Josef Ganz, a Jewish-designed car, was actually the brain behind the Volkswagen Beetle. Hitler, however, appointed a bright engineer, Ferdinand Porsche, to create the VW Beetle.  The vehicle eventually came to be known as "KdF-Wagen" after the Nazi-led movement.  During the mid 1940s, the British military government made a high-volume order for the VW Beetle. During that era, the KdF-Wagen was renamedVolkswagen.

There were other small cars that emerged and offered rivalry to the VW Beetle. Also embodying the “people’s car” concept was  the Ford Model T. From 1934 until the late 1950s, French car maker Citroen produced the Traction Avant, which made every other car on the road look dated. The Fiat 500 from Italy was another small city car produced in 1957, emerging as a competitor to the Beetle.

In recent years, the classic Volkswagen Beetle has been featured in many prestigious car shows, attracting many guests both for the craftsmanship of restoration work and the nostalgia it brings. The latest models of the Volkswagen Beetle are a far cry from the classic versions of yesteryears, incorporating lots of modern design features and amenities.  


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