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QX70 review

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to drive a QX70 from one of our great dealers for a weekend. I think the QX70 looks great but it’s more of a car for my wife since she drives a Q7. She mainly drove it and one of the first things she loved were the surround cameras providing clear all round visibility. For a car this size it’s a fantastic addition and makes life much easier.

Another feature I noticed was the lane departure warning that came on the QX70. I turned it off and actually called it the “lady button” which I promptly got a swift clip round the ear! The sound system was also fantastic, it really let us enjoy our music while travelling about however main different between the QX70 and what my wife normally drives, the Q7 is the QX70 has fewer seats compared to the Q7 so for larger families, it might be a bit of a squeeze.

The boot was big enough to accommodate what we needed and interior space was roomy with plenty of visibility. The engine also felt superb, cruising was done with ease and the car had no difficulties setting off.

We were enjoying the QX70 so we thought we’d take it to a friend’s BBQ with the kids. We stayed there a while having a good time, only to then go out to the car and to our horror, find 2 black marks on the side of the car, which we assume were done by some youngsters on their bikes. I tried to rub off the black marks and they came off quite easily, showing just how well built the QX70 is. The car was spotless and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience with it.

Big thanks to HullInfiniti for allowing us to drive this fantastic car for the weekend.



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