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Restoring a 1990’s Mini

When it comes to classic cars there are not many that are more recognisable than the mini and with an abundance of projects available I decided that I would have a go at restoring one with the help of a few friends and family.

The original car is a 1990’s Mini Mayfair picked up on eBay for just £330 it was a steal, recovered all the way from Birmingham to Hull. The Mini started its new life in my Uncle’s garage where we began work on it in the next few weeks.

After close inspection it was evident that the whole front end was pretty much scrap so we chopped it off, this wasn’t a problem since I had already envisioned a flip front car. Next was the strip down, pulling out the entire interior, wiring and anything that wasn’t bolted down and pretty much everything that was.


From here it was a case of disconnecting various fuel and brake lines most of which were perished and then came the heavy bit, dropping subframes is no mean feat, after disconnecting everything and carefully removing both front and rear subframes the car was rolled on it’s side and the real work could begin.


In the next few weeks all the dodgy welding was cut off, rot was cut out and replaced with nice new panels, all the welding was then cleaned up with a grinder to be smooth and the bottom of the car was painted with a couple of coats of Hammerite to try protect against rust in the future.


While this was happening at my uncles, me and my brother would work on refurbing other parts and reassembling them on a night. This included various parts of the braking system and the full subframes.

After spending vast amounts of money on custom parts the car fast became something unique now with an mk1 rear light conversion and a clubman front end it was like no other mini out there.

I chose to paint the car in an original 1960’s palette with the body in Yukon Grey and the roof in Black, the contrast works really well.


After a few more trips to shows and shops I built up my collection of parts.


In recent weeks the car has come on leaps and bounds, now with all the lighting working including new spot lights and full LED kit where ever I could get them to fit, carpets are in and engine is almost finished.

This is the final Push to a 3 year project that of course had its fair share of blood sweat and tears.


I really hope you enjoyed reading a brief bit of my adventure and hopefully you will like the finished car, not going for anything to far from retro no garish body kits and exhaust on this.

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