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Caught in the Classifieds

2003 Honda Accord 2.4 iVtec Type-S 5dr £1995

We’re fond of a big old barge of a car. Big, plush cabin, pokey engine, plenty of space...

2012 Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 S £4995

Want a small car that stands apart from the pack? This little Ypsilon'll fit the ticket.

2014 MG3 1.5 VTi-TECH 3Form Sport £8999

MG has a old-school image but the reality of the latest cars couldn’t be more different.

2008 Land Rover Defender 2.4 110 County Station Wagon £16,995

Now’s a good time to buy a proper Land Rover – like this one

1998 Subaru Sambar £5,485

This isn’t, of course, a Volkswagen T2 van. Never mind the big VW motif on its nose...

2004 Daihatsu Terios 1.3 Tracker £2,195

At first glance, the Daihatsu Terios looks just too small to be much use in battling across slush and ice. Not at all.

2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6 4dr Auto £3,995

With fuel prices heading closer to £1 per litre, does running a big barge of a car make sense?

1999 BMW Alpina 4.6 V8 £4495

On the face of it, £4495 is steep for a 15yo old BMW.But there's more to this 5-series than meets the eye...

1993 Volkswagen Corrado 2.0 16v £7500

I can almost sense what you’re thinking: this does seem stiff money for a 21yo Volkswagen. But...

1999 Peugeot 306 Rallye £2500

This 306 may not look much. But for those in the know, it is a very special car indeed.

2007 Kia Magentis 2.0 CRDi LS 4dr £2,995

Look beyond the obvious and it’s amazing how much car you can buy for relatively little money.

2011 Abarth 500 1.4 16V T-Jet 3Dr £11,995

If you like your cars to be small but fiery, you shouldn’t let this one pass you by.

2005 Skoda Superb 1.9 TDI PD 130 Comfort 4dr £2,995

Are you a badge snob? No? Good. Because have we got something special for you.

2004 Volkswagen Beetle 1.9 TDi 100 2dr £5,295

There’s something to love about a car that comes complete with its own, built-in flower vase.

1982 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L 4 Door Saloon £4,995

Now a 32-year-old Vauxhall may not be everyone’s idea of a dream classic. But...

1995 Peugeot 106 1.4 Roland Garros £895

It’s not often you get the chance to buy a car named for a fighter pilot, inventor and war hero – but here you do.

2000 Toyota Will VI 1.3 £3999

We’ll bet you’ve not set eyes on one of these before. It's very ‘different’ and you may just love it for that reason.

2002 Ferrari 360 Spider £44,494

For almost anyone, the asking price for a motor such as this is a bundle of money.

1982 Toyota Chaser Japanese police car

If like us, you spend an unhealthy amount of time trawling the used-car classifieds, eventually you’ll find something br...

1978 Volkswagen T2 Camper £24,999

A quid short of £25k is strong money in anyone’s terms, especially when it buys something that first turned a wheel on ...

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