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1948 Hillman Minx Mark 2 £11,995

With the sun we’re enjoying just now, driving is all about keeping cool… …and looking it. This lovely piece of yesteryear manages both at a stroke.

What a fine thing this 1940s Hillman is, writes Ray Castle. Borne of an era when tight perms and A-line dresses were de mode for ladies, while for men it was all Brycreem’d hair and demob* suits.

Yes, this four-seat drop-top is as English as bitter beer and Wensleydale cheddar. It’s just the sort of motor Wallace & Gromit might own should they trade up from their motorbike and sidecar.

According to its seller, our friends at Spinning Wheel Classic Cars of Chesterfield, it’s just emerged from a five-year restoration. And so it is in the photos, where it looks pristine: even better than new, if that could be so.

For your cash, the Minx’ll come with ‘before and after’ photos showing what’s been done, its original , buff-coloured, registration book, and a MoT certificate good until Feb 2014.

Spinning Wheel report that it spent some years stored away inside a disused railway carriage before discovery and restoration to its present glory.

Seriously, though. If this handsome old car strongly appeals, think before you reach for that debit card. This is a 65yo old motor, from an era when roads were quiet and motorways were as yet a dream. While it’ll make a quaint and charming companion for a summer’s afternoon, its 1.2 engine is just not up to high-speed running, although Spinning Wheel does say that it’ll keep up well with modern traffic in town.

To pop away, though, and use as a high-days-and-holidays car, it could be perfect. And while for this much money you could, of course, buy a new car, it would have none of the character or the fun.

And while a new ‘un will lose value hand over fist from the moment it’s in use, this Hillman if kept up should increase in price over time.

If you’ve the cash available, it could make more sense than sticking it into a savings account.


* no idea what this means? Ask grandpa.

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  • Rosie and Jamie Ryan

    Rosie and Jamie Ryan wrote:

    "Wallace & Gromit"!

    I was thinking more gangsters with violin cases but maybe I'm way off.

    It does look in fantastic condition though.

    14/05/2014 09:25

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