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1982 Toyota Chaser Japanese police car

If like us, you spend what is frankly an unhealthy amount of time trawling the used-car classifieds, you’ll know that, eventually, you’ll find something brain-squeezingly mental. And so it is that we proudly bring you this 1980s Toyota. What started out as a Japan-market saloon called a Chaser (note for Toyota obsessives: that’s one down the model range from a Camry) has somehow morphed into something between a Japanese police car and a gang-style street racer.

We can only guess that the Japanese script along its flanks confirm it as a police car,  along with the emergency-services light bar on the roof that, we are promised, is fully functioning. This Chaser (incidentally, what a brill name for a cop car) is lowered and has a custom exhaust and over-fenders, and the ad confides that the front-mounted external oil cooler is a dummy. It does also boast a custom aluminium fuel tank, mounted in the boot.

Inside, it becomes more interesting still. The police-car theming is abandoned. Instead there’s a gold lame steering wheel, a gear shifter topped with what might be a sex aid and, to cap it all, a dash-mounted Etch-a-Sketch in an alarming shade of pink. The windows are curtained, while the seats are period-perfect sandy beige. The cupholders, meanwhile look as if they belong in the Millennium Falcon.

All is contained in a period-square body that conforms to the style aesthetic of the cars we could all draw at age three – a box for the people, another for the engine and a third for the luggage. Otherwise, the cabin is an orgy of beige and chocolate brown hues, slavishly conforming to 90-deg angles. ‘Boxy’ doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Thrillingly, it also includes such creature comports as electric window lifters and a radio/cassette.

A hefty bootlid spoiler hints at performance potential and indeed, there a 6cyl, 3.0 motor lurking within. But while the 135,000 miles recorded is fitting for a 32yo motor, it also suggests that this is one to treat with restraint.

We’d also think that the skinny-profile rubber on those chromium wheels would also argue towards taking things easy – their bump squishing abilities will clearly be less than optimum.

Finally, this motor has had its day of glory courtesy of a spread in Retro Cars magazine – a copy of which is included in the sale.

The vendor, Clivesons Motor Company of North Yorkshire, has clearly employed this Chaser for promotional duties and, all told, we’d suggest that such use in the future is probably the way ahead for this one of a kind. At £4988, this could be money well spent.

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