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2000 Toyota Will VI 1.3 £3999

We’ll bet you’ve not set eyes on one of these before. If you like your cars to be very very, erm, ‘different’, you may just love this. This is a motor that the description ‘quirky’ could have been coined for. Just look at that styling. There’s more than a flavour of Citroen’s iconic 2CV in there, while its reverse-rake rear screen is pure Ford Anglia.

We found this one lurking among the 70,000-odd new and used cars listed for sale on autoweb.co.uk. It’s there courtesy of our friends at thecarwarehouse.co.uk, Middlesbrough.

This firm specialises in importing Japan-market cars. And so it is with this specimen of automotive weirdness, which sold from new exclusively in its ‘home’ market. The ‘Will’ brand flourished briefly in Japan around the turn of the new century. It spanned way beyond cars – there was a Will-branded beer, also cosmetics, confectionery and even a fax machine. The idea that bound together this assortment of things was a look and style calculated to appeal to a young audience. Hence this Toyota’s weird, faux-retro looks.

Underneath those strange, corrugated body panels are the engine and running gear from a Toyota Yaris. It has an automatic gearbox, too, so it’ll serve perfectly as a practical runabout. And this one appears to have spent its 72,000 miles with fastidious past owners, if the pristine state of its light-coloured seats and carpet is anything to judge by.

Equally, all that pale interior cloth means that if you’re the type that regularly eats their lunch at the wheel, or resists cleaning their vehicle inside from one season through the next, this mayn’t be right for you.

Its sellers suggest that it could have a future as a promo vehicle for a business and we can well see how that might work.

This car’s not been previously been registered in the UK but its sellers will do what’ds needed to make it street legal. A UK logbook, year’s MoT ticket, road tax and a three-month warranty are included for the asking price. You may find that some if not many insurers will refuse cover because this small Toyota’s unknown to them. But, again, the Car Warehouse say they can help by directing you to firms that will supply a policy at fair prices.

We like this little car for its one-of-a-kind-ness. So much so, in fact that we’re thnking of planning a trip to Middlesbrough to view it in the metal. If you’re as keen on it as we are, best act quickly to beat us to the punch.

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