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2003 Honda Accord 2.4 iVtec Type-S 5dr £1995

Here at Autoweb.co.uk, we’re fond of a big old barge of a car.

A big, plush cabin, plenty of gadgets installed, an engine that has power to spare, and a cushy ride… all at a very modest price just because it has had a few birthdays. What’s not to like?

And this Honda saloon, offered here courtesy of our friends at Charltons of Boroughbridge, north Yorkshire, is a prime example. True, it has covered a big mileage: just shy of 200k.

But then Honda engines are among the very best and will hold together for far longer than that provided they see fresh oil, filters and plugs, plus the occasional cambelt change. Not one perhaps to entertain if you intend regular cross-Continent voyages, but fine for pottering down to the local tip in or for trips to the DIY store.

This motor will be good for more spirited trips, too. While because of time and use it may no longer muster all of the 198bhp this 2.4, 4cyl motor originally promised, it’ll still rip down the road smartly, giving off a cultured-sounding exhaust rasp as it goes.

The Type-S bit of its name means you get a handsome set of alloys that, from the pics, look to be in reasonable, shape, twin exhausts, a spoiler and other go-faster add-ons plus half-leather seats. It also packs a nifty tailgate that raises/lowers at the push of a button – just the thing when you’re back from the shops with your arms full of purchases.

Honda Accord tourer cabinHonda Accord tourer

It’ll be a highly useful old thing and is even towbar equipped should a spot of caravan-pulling be part of your plans. With fuel economy at about 30mpg on a run but dropping to the low-20s around town, stiffish insurance premiums and costly road tax, this is never going to a bargain to run

. Then again, consider its modest purchase price and total cost of ownership will still count as ‘affordable’. Then, of course, the great thing about a car like this is that while it looks good and will polish up smartly whenever the occasion demands, you can also work it hard if you need to. Get it dirty, muddy and park wherever you choose – should it suffer a blemish or two along the way, it’s not going to break your heart.

By all means buy it as a cheap runaround. We reckon, though, that it could just be one of those cars you’d find yourself liking – and looking after – much more than you’d readily care to admit. We like it a lot.


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