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2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6 4dr Auto £3,995

With fuel prices heading downwards and ever closer to a low of below £1 per litre, does running a big, gas-gobbling barge of a car finally look to be a lively prospect? Maybe. If you have an eye for a big car and you don’t routinely drive too many miles, then there’s pleasure to had from buying an older luxury car. Like this Jaguar XJ, offered for sale by our friends at Frank Gillespie Car Sales of Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Jag saloons of this age make look old school but that’s mainly because the current ones look so radically different. This one here may have been the last to hark back in its styling to the saloons from the 1960s. But its skin is high-tech and made of aluminium, while the suspension rides on air. This, as a 3.0 V6 is the entry model but the car is lighter than previous ones so it’s still pretty quick. You see it hurry from rest to 60mph in 8secs or thereabouts, while its standard six-speed auto gearbox suits the engine well and also benefits fuel economy – across a mix of journeys you should see around 27mpg overall.

This is the standard-length XJ (a long-wheelbase variant is also available) but it has more space in the rear cabin than Jags had before, while the boot is also more capacious. This example looks as trim and neat as any car that’s getting on for 11 years old has a right to be. The thistle green paint is very much a love-or-hate colour but here we think it sits rather well – certainly in combination with the pale leather interior.

Jaguar XJJaguar XJ

On the move it’ll waft like any good Jag should, with the added benefit of suspension controlled electronically by the car. It will also level itself out if there’s a full load of passengers and luggage aboard.

Six-figure mileages such as this car has travelled deter some buyers. But this car also has a full history, which also suggests that it has been cared for properly. And we should add that the mileage is by no means excessive for such a motor. And while running a Jag is never going to be cheap, most parts of the country have smaller specialist garages that are expert in fixing them without outrageous cost.

It’s a beaut of a car and looks to be strong value indeed at the price. We’d be tempted.


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