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Citroen C6 2.7HDi Lignage

If you know your cars, and have been around for long enough to collect a sprinkling of gray hairs, you’ll recognise Citroen as a make that once spawned some of the weirdest motors…ever.

And here’s your chance to buy one of the last oddballs they made before resolutely confining themselves to the ‘safe’ and humdrum. It comes courtesy of our friends at the Motorhouse, Cannock.

Just look at it. Whether or not you perceive it as a thing of beauty is for you to decide. But you’d have to agree that the designers had some fun with those elongated front lamps, swoopy bonnet and rakish rear.

It’s a very French version of the kind of luxury car that Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz do so well. And, credit where it’s due, it gets many of the ingredients right.

First, the C6 is absolutely huge inside. Head and shoulder room are more generous than you’d ever need and the cabin feels exceptionally light and airy. Double-glazed side windows help keep it whisper-quiet, too. Auto Express reported that when new, this car was among the most hushed at 70mph it had ever tested.

That diesel motor is one of the most refined anywhere, yet still capable of a real-world 32mpg. Meanwhile, the Hydractive suspension offers pillowy softness.

And look at all the gadgets it has aboard. Automatic headlamps and wipers, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring, Bluetooth, electronic parking brake. Best of all, all this is yours for a very affordable £7499 – a fraction of its £35,000 asking price when new.

It’ll also prove an exclusive motor to own, for you’ll rarely if ever pass another while out driving. Despite its many charms, C6s were bought only in tiny numbers. Citroen withdrew the model last year, having shifted little more than a thousand of them over six years on UK sale.

If you love big cars and you’ve an appetite for the different – this has got to be worth a punt.

By Ray Castle

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