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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster Vs Jaguar F Type Convertible V8 S

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

In this battle of the convertible V8’s, two stunning, British cars go head to head to find out which of the two is the better car. Starting off the proceedings, is the 430bhp 4.7-litre Aston Martin Vantage GT Convertible.


You’d be forgiven for confusing the line-up of Aston Martin models available with one another, with Aston Martins having a tendency to look a lot like each other, however that isn’t a bad thing. Why tamper with breath-taking beauty that turns heads regardless of where it goes.

Featuring a muscular front end, working effortlessly into a wide, low-slung stance the Aston certainly has the ‘get out of the way’ kind of look, however, working towards the rear of the Aston V8 Vantage, it’s a more tame beast, with soft, smooth lines all working together with the instantly recognisable Aston-esque rear lights.

Looking into the cabin of the Aston Martin Convertible, premium materials are plainly visible, brought together to create a very high-end interior. Featuring soft touch surfaces, a great steering wheel and a rather straightforward dash. There is one major nuisance that we couldn’t help but notice and feel. The V8 Vantage does indeed have a high quality interior, however it feels dated compared to the F-Type and for the asking price on the Aston Martin, there’s certainly room for improvement.


The actual driving experience of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage isn’t disappointing however, it isn’t always what you’d expect when paying a six figure sum for a car. While the burbles from the V8 sound sensational with the top down, the car itself feels boaty when you press on. This isn’t to say the Aston doesn’t handle well, it most certainly does, however a big part of driving pleasure comes from being able to hold confidence and the convertible Aston Martin just didn’t inspire us with confidence. As a cruiser, the Aston feels a lot more at home as opposed to a hairy chested sports car but with the price tag on the open top Aston, you’d have to really want one in order to justify spending that amount of money on a soft top cruiser.

Yes, the Aston is a gorgeous car to look at, but as a driver’s car, there are better alternatives on offer.

Jaguar F Type Convertible V8 S

Jaguar F Type Convertible V8 S

The Jaguar F Type V8 S is Aston’s direct competition, offering open top pleasure, V8 burbles and rear wheel drive thrills. One of the biggest differences between the Jaguar V8 S and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster is the price. With the Jag on sale for just shy of £80k and the Aston at an eye watering £98,995, the difference isn’t exactly marginal.


Now, we’re aware that how ‘good’ a car looks is purely opinion based, however, every time we look at the Jag F-Type, an audible “phwoar” is apparent. The F-Type carries itself well, with a muscular, shaped front end flowing seamlessly through to a refined, yet aggressive rear. The styling for the F-Type is a breath of fresh air for Jag and unlike the Aston, the F-Type V8 S was designed a convertible from scratch.

Looking at the interior of the Jag, a modern, slick, jet-figher-esque centre dash can be seen. With the joystick gear lever situated within perfect reach of the driver, resting upon a smooth metal surround, with only a few buttons and switches accompanying the gear lever, the F-Type doesn’t feel cluttered. The dash, with a built in infotainment system, situated just above the aircon, clock, aircon dial set up and an elegant array of switches is also kept elegant and clean.


In terms of comfort, the Jag falls short compared to the Aston, with stiff suspension, gripping and rather rigid seats. The seats in the F-Type are a more supportive compared to the Aston’s for numerous reasons, but with Britain’s pothole-riddled roads, a stiff suspension and chassis can become tedious. Find a good stretch of winding road though and you’ll count your lucky stars that you’re sat in an F-Type as you make the supercharged V8 sing.


The F-Type V8 S impressed us with its beefy engine too, with a 5-litre filling the bay coupled with a supercharger, the V8 S is good for 488bhp at 6500rpm compared to the Aston’s 420bhp at 7300rpm. Driving the F-Type was a real eye opener too. The Aston and the Jag couldn’t be further apart in terms of how they drive and perform, even with the close similarities in layout and engine.

As previously mentioned, the Aston felt boaty and didn’t inspire much confidence in corners when we decided to press on, however the F-Type was a completely different experience. Thanks to a stiffer chassis, stiffer suspension, more potent engine and the driver aids switched off, the F-Type was agile, aggressive and definitely a handful. With the F-Type angrily kicking out the rear end while we got to grips with it, it proved to be a world of fun, a world where a car like the Aston would seem far too hum-drum to be part of. Once we got to grips with the F-Types lairyness, driving the F-Type was a blast.

Out of the two cars, it seems that for value, the F-Type trumps the Aston by a long way. Looks are subjective, but we preferred the F-Types more modern and sculpted, refreshing design compared to the Astons. In terms of comfort, the Aston does stand above the F-Type, thanks to slightly softer suspension and a more GT feel to the car, however, if the only deciding factor between the two vehicles is comfort, a sports car may not be the car for you, especially at £80k+ prices.

Our verdict is that the F-Type is the car to buy, with a more exclusive looking design for the F-Type as opposed to the Aston along with a huge money saving and up-to-date on-board tech. The driving characteristic of the F-Type also means that you’ll struggle to ever truly find the cars limit but you’ll be keen to try as it’s a barrel of fun! 

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