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Ferrari infographic

Ferrari is the most desirable supercar brand in the world and for the past 20 years they've churned out some real stunners. In modern times, Ferrari has been intent on developing supercars which fit in to one of two categories; blistering track car or amazing GT car. The Ferrari F430 was the first modern track-ready supercar from Ferrari and the Ferrari 612 was the first comfortable GT car which could hold a suitcase with enough rear leg room for passengers.

The fastest accelerating Ferrari on the road today is the F12 Berlinetta, whilst the fastest Ferrari by top speed is the Enzo. Ferrari is also developing a £1,000,000 hybrid called the LaFerrari which is set to blow both of these cars away.

No matter which Ferrari is your favourite, though, one thing is for sure; each car is engineered to perfection in Italy and each Ferrari has enough power to blow you back in to your seat. Those two things alone are what drive the sales of the modern Ferrari, probably more so than the huge amount of motorsport pedigree the Ferrari badge has.

Let's celebrate the wonderful Ferrari badge. Here's 10 fantastic Ferrari cars to feast your eyes on.

Ferraris Infographic

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  • Daryl Colby

    Daryl Colby wrote:

    Missing the epic Ferrari's from the past. How can you forget the F50, Daytona and 250 GTO (most expensive car in the world)

    14/05/2014 09:25

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