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Footballers cars infographic

Footballers. They have it all, don't they? They get to take a hobby from a young age and transform it in to a career, earn thousands of pounds per week, travel the world, and get plenty of free kit from sponsors. Even though footballers have to dedicate their lives to fitness and be managed excessively in what they do off and on pitch, the numerous houses, several top end cars and financial security for the family more than make up for it. So, when a footballer earns thousands of pounds per week and they have their houses, what do they buy?

More cars, of course. To a footballer a car is not a runabout or a family wagon. It is a status symbol. Walking in to the nearest Skoda dealership and buying a reasonably priced, reasonably quick Octavia VRS is out of the question. What footballers need is something special, something loud and something which 99% of their fans will never be able to afford. This intensifies the position of a footballer as a role model. It helps car brands sell their range. Argue as you like, but footballers have a knack for choosing pretty good cars. Let's take a look at some of the best.

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