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Top Info Across the Auto Web

Our ‘take’ on motoring’s latest happenings is not the usual one. The relentless babble of new model news and carmakers’ announcements is not for us. We’d rather bring you the strange and the wonderful to make you smile, laced with the offbeat and serious that’ll have you raising an eyebrow.  Browse, Share and enjoy.

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Cat riding on a car bonnet

Cats are independent creatures. Most certainly wouldn't relish a ride perched on the bonnet..

Borgward: back from the past?

Heard of the car make, Borgward? Back in the day, they built some fine-looking cars...

AA patrol's potato repair

We’re big fans of AA patrols. They're dependable, and gifted at coaxing ailing motors back into life...

Yellow Corsa – spoils the view?

Who’d have thought that a little yellow Corsa could cause such a car-fuffle? A storm has kicked up on Twitter, however...

The truth will out…

Is this fella Britain’s most truthful car seller? We think so. Honesty is best when describing anything you sell...

When the tough go shopping...

When the going gets tough for the economy, the tough go shopping… for luxury cars.

Giant pothole swallows 4x4

Driving in some other parts of the globe brings with it a whole world of risk and mayhem.

Car cow crime catches criminals

Here at Autoweb.co.uk, we’re suckers for tales whenever animals are involved. And this one is a doozy.

A car-lover scorned…

This Fiat owner took an axe to his baby 500 car after losing his temper with it. Read on to find out why...

Police car wedding proposal

The day wasn’t going well. Caine Hutchings planned to propose to his girl friend, Emily Dukeson.

Download, print, drive

A US company has unveiled a new two-seater vehicle that you build yourself, direct from your 3D printer.

Classics killed by scrappage

At last, the truth is out. The UK’s so-called scrappage scheme meant many classics met an untimely end.

How did he get up there?

Ooer! It’s hard to imagine what this Californian driver did to perch his two-door sedan so precariously.

Angry to the core

Maybe it was the burble from the V12 engine. Or, perhaps, it was because the Italian supercar was parked illegally.

Barina fever

Ever heard of the Holden Barina? No, us neither. All the same, we think you should watch this video commercial.

Car-surfer shocks US highway drivers

We’ll never know what was going through this fella's mind. But it must have been something pretty irrational.

The JCBs that only future generations will find

This tale has more than a whiff of urban myth about it. It is believable, but we're not entirely convinced.

Meet HitchBOT

Would you pick up a hitchhiking robot? Plenty of motorists across Canada have.

How did she park there?

Looking at where this Citroen Picasso has finished up, it’s hard to imagine what was going through this driver’s mind.

A new way to go off-road

Driving a new car can be nerve-wracking for the first few journeys. Especially if it’s an £80,000 Range Rover.

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