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Arrested for driving – with the steering wheel missing

This helping of news is for those readers who can’t have enough of the strange and the unlikely. We’ve all seen some strange sights while driving.

But, we think you’ll agree, these tales take ‘weird’ to a whole new level.

Steering…without a wheel

First, there’s the police patrol in South Australia who stopped a driver during the morning rush hour because his car had two flat tyres. When approaching him they realised that the car’s steering wheel was missing – the driver had attached a set of vice-grips, which he was using to guide it.

Worse was to come. Soon they discovered that the car was unregistered and that the driver had no insurance. What’s more, the car was already subject to a police order banning it from the roads because it was in such a poor condition.

And, perhaps as you’d expect given all this, the driver had caused an accident and driven off, just 10 minutes earlier. To cap it all, the 38yo male was already disqualified from driving, and later tested positive for crystal meth and cannabis.

Keeping cool

Next, we head over to East Germany, where police in the small village of Blauenthal spotted a BMW convertible with a difference. To help cope with the heat wave there, its owner had converted its cabin into a mobile swimming pool.

Four men including the driver were splashing around in more than a foot of water as they drove past a motorcycle patrol. He pulled them over but the men fled in just their trunks, abandoning their clothes.

Double trouble

And there’s more: a patrol in western Pennsylvania in the US arrested a couple for driving drunk – in the same car and within moments of each other. Police saw 33yo Jason Misencik driving erratically before he pulled over and swapped seats with Crystal Seachrist, 24. She was at the wheel when they stopped the couple’s car.

The highway patrol said both smelled of alcohol and were incapable of safe driving. Misencik’s blood-alcohol level exceeded the state limit, but Seachrist’s was slightly below. Both face court at the end of August.

In touch with the Almighty?

Finally, one young fella, travelling with his family across Utah in the US during a storm, wished aloud that the car be struck by lightning. Seconds later a bolt crackled down from above, hitting the vehicle’s radio antenna.

The family got – literally – a shock they’ll never forget, while the lightning strike burnt out the vehicle’s electrical systems and burst three tyres. They were stranded but unhurt. Amazingly, one of them even managed to capture the moment on video.

With such a hotline to his Higher Power, wouldn’t Junior have been better off just wishing for world peace?

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