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Borgward: back from the past?

Ever heard of the car make, Borgward? We had – just about. Go a- Googling pictures of their product and you’ll see that, back in the day, they built some fine-looking cars. But the last time they launched a new model was during the 1950s. Borgward went bust in 1961 and seemed destined to remain a minor chapter in automotive history. Until now….perhaps.

Christian Borgward popped up at the recent Geneva Motor Show, full of plans to revive the once-grand marque. He's grandson to the founder, Carl Borgward. By the year 2020 it will employ 1000 in Stuttgart, Borgward Jnr. promised, and will have sold more than 800,000 cars across the globe. So far, so good. However, to support such bold plans all Mr Borgward had to show visitors to the firm's stand at Geneva were some brochures and one of his grandfather’s cars from the 1950s. When asked about when a factory would be built and the production lines would start, he and his partner, Karl-Heinz Knoess, were vague.

Nor would they say much about likely financial backers for such an ambitious venture, although they did name a Chinese truck manufacturer, the Beiqi Foton Motor company. This firm has no expertise in car making, however. Finally, chief designer Einar Haralde wouldn’t say how big his team was or where they are based.

Borgward does, at least, have a web site. Take a look, its vision is lavish - and ambitious.

Curiouser and curiouser. Borgward promise to unveil a production-ready car at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn, so we’ll see then if this is more than a pipe-dream.


Clever lion opens car door

Next, travel with us to South Africa. First rule for tourists: whenever entering a safari park: before you do anything else, lock your vehicle’s doors.

Lionesses are cunning and, as this video shows, one regards passing cars as a kind of food can. And the way to get at the tasty treats inside is to tug at the door latch with your mouth. But while her human prey got a nasty scare, they did manage to close and lock the door quickly, before the lion had a chance to act.

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