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Cat riding on a car bonnet

Cats are independent creatures. Try for a walk on a leash and most will skedaddle. And, even if yours is one of the few that will take to a collar and lead, it almost certainly wouldn’t entertain a ride on a car bonnet.

Yet that is precisely what this feline in New Philadelphia, Ohio was doing. A driver  spotted the kitty on the bonnet of a 4x4, leash attached and held by the driver. The vehicle was at the crossroads of the town’s Front Street and Broadway and the onlooker snapped a few pictures of the cat and car, using her phone.

She reported that while the kitty didn’t look too happy, the middle-aged woman driving the vehicle was smiling. She posted her snaps on Facebook and saw hundreds of comments in response. Meanwhile, local police are attempting to trace the SUV driver, pending possible traffic violation and animal cruelty offences.

One strong grandma

Next, how about this for a woman defying her age? Wang Xiaobei says she is 81 years old, but she’s certainly no frail old lady. Appearing on her local version of the ‘Britain’s Got Talent ‘ TV show, she astounded viewers by clamping a rope in her jaws and pulling a one-tonne SUV.

She completed the stunt for the ‘Amazing Chinese’ television programme with apparent ease, even though the vehicle had her friend, her grandson and his wife abroad.


Ms Wang from Shandong in north China said: ‘I have a healthy body and I don’t think there’s any difference between how I feel now and how I felt when I was younger.’

She’s now through to the next round of the show, and is contemplating for her next feat of strength dangling beneath a helicopter, held only by her teeth.


Who you gonna call?

For a wedding car with a difference – what else but the Ghostbusters ambulance. Emma Pittaway hired one the iconic film’s original vehicles to ferry husband to be, Stoo (yes, that’s really his name – he says) to the ceremony.

Stoo, aged 33, said he first seen the Ghostbusters film as a child and it remained his favourite. The car, painstakingly restored, appeared in the second of the Ghostbusters series. Based in Sedgely, near Birmingham, it’s in regular demand as wedding transport.

Ghostbusters wedding car

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