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11 Top Driving Games of the 1990's


Destruction Derby 1995

Destruction Derby 1995

In 1995 Reflections Interactive and Psygnosis released Destruction Derby, a MD-DOS, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation vehicular combat game that was one of the best of its time. Based on the sport of demolition derby, this game offered 4 exciting game modes : Destruction Derby, Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing and Time Trial. It was well received, but ultimately, the game failed to win over many reviewers due to the lack of a split screen multiplayer mode.

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  • Jamie Greenway

    Jamie Greenway wrote:

    Really good list, would have liked to have seen Daytona USA for the Saturn on the list though. Probs the best arcade game of the 90's.

    14/05/2014 09:25

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