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11 Top Driving Games of the 1990's


V-Rally 2 1999

V-Rally 2 1999

V Rally 2, the sequel to the original V-Rally released in 1997, was the best rally racing game of the 1990's, which isn't saying much given there weren't that many. However, it offered gamers a break away from the asphalt racing norm of games of the time and although games such as Rally Cross came out before it, we preferred the physics of V-Rally 2. The graphics we also a little more polished for realism which helped the game to be more immersive.

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  • Jamie Greenway

    Jamie Greenway wrote:

    Really good list, would have liked to have seen Daytona USA for the Saturn on the list though. Probs the best arcade game of the 90's.

    14/05/2014 09:25

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