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11 Top Driving Games of the 1990's


The Need for Speed 1994

The Need for Speed 1994

Available on the 3DO, DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn, The Need for Speed released in 1994 was one of the best racing games of the period. It featured closed race circuits and three point-to-point race tracks, and unlike many games of the time, it involved Police chases and pursuits. If the Police car caught up with you, you'd be either ticketed or arrested. As such, driving as fast and as dangerously as possible to get away was the name of the game. In 1997 The Need for Speed II was released and today the franchise is more successful than ever.

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  • Jamie Greenway

    Jamie Greenway wrote:

    Really good list, would have liked to have seen Daytona USA for the Saturn on the list though. Probs the best arcade game of the 90's.

    14/05/2014 09:25

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