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Top 11 Car Concepts we Wish had Made It


2001 Volkswagen Microbus Concept

2001 Volkswagen Microbus Concept

With the production of the original Volkswagen Camper Van now seizing in Brazil, we now no longer have the luxury to buy an all-new retro camper van, which is a huge shame, because they are genuinely useful and incredibly charming.

In 2001, Volkswagen showed off their Microbus Concept, which held true to the VW Camper Van shape and it looked as though VW were finally preparing a sequel to their iconic camper. It was powered by a 3.2-litre narrow angle V6 engine and featured futuristic styling that still looks pretty modern even by today's standards. The concept was extremely well designed - it was in no way a quick job - but sadly, the concept never made it to production, and it has been resigned to history.

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