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Top 11 Cars for your Mid-life Crisis


Porsche Cayman 

Porsche Cayman

You're 50. You drive a sack of crap Hyundai. You've just woken up and realised that your life has not turned out how you wanted it to, and you think back to your bosses of the past 15 years; how many of them drove a Porsche again?

Chances are, many of them did, and so you're rushing out right now to buy a Porsche in the hope it makes you look more successful than you really are. The trouble is, you're going to buy a Boxster, which as any car enthusiast will tell you is a poor man's 911. So in buying a Porsche Boxster what you're actually doing to re-affirming you're life has not quite turned out how you wanted it to. Sucks to be you.

The car we recommend is the Cayman. It looks like a 911, it sounds better than a Boxster, and it's not as much money as a 911. The Cayman is a stylish car that has wonderful reviews, too.

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