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Top 11 Fast Japanese Imports


Lexus LFA

lexus lfa

If you choose to import a car from Japan, you will have to pay import tax based in the value of the car + VAT and shipping fees. Although some Japanese motors can be had cheaper through importing than by purchasing in the UK overall, the biggest appeal of importing is that many Japanese specification cars are better than UK specification versions, and there are lots of versions of cars in Japan that have never been released in to other markets. In other words, you get to drive something truly unique!

Over the years, we here at Autoweb.co.uk have seen several of our peers import cars from all around the world. So, we thought what better way to celebrate this than list the top 11 fast Japanese imports?

Lexus might not be synonymous with tuners and race tracks, but the Lexus LFA is one stunning piece of machinery that we think deserves to be on any import list. As well as being one of the most expensive Japanese road cars ever built, it is also one of the fastest and by far the fastest on this list. Only 500 of these beautiful machines were ever made and several motoring magazines and reviewers have unanimously agreed this to be the best car they have ever driven. 150 were sent to the US, but most are said to be with rich Japanese and Chinese businessmen. We sure hope they drive them to their full potential.

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