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Top 11 ways to Piss off other Motorists


Drive 20 mph in a 30 zone


This frustration applies to drivers doing 10 mph in a 20 zone, 20 mph in a 30 zone, 30 mph in a 40 zone et cetera et cetera. The thing is, as drivers, we understand that sometimes going lower than the speed limit is required for the conditions ahead. If it is snowing that's fine. If you are on the school run or are passing a school that's fine. It's on a bright, dry day with good visibility and on a road with no pedestrians that drivers who go way under the speed limit piss us off. Why do it? The only reason we can think is because the driver is in La La Land or is scared of their car

suddenly losing control and rolling before bursting into flames and knocking the earth out of orbit. If you feel that way, get off the fu***** road and walk.

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