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5 of the Best Cars for the McDonald's Drive Through


Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

Ideal modifications: Overfinch body kit, chrome alloy wheels.

Driving position: it doesn't matter, the road presence says it all.

This is the daddy of all the McDonald's crew. Other drivers look up to this individual basing their lives around their success. Likely a drug dealer, wanted criminal or simply an attention-seeking loon, the Range Rover Driver in the McDonald's car park at night is seen as a modern-day Al Capone. Every single night in the UK within a fast food restaurants car park there will be at least one Range Rover Sport blazing dubstep music out and lingering around like a bad smell - even after they've had their food. You could further assert your dominance of the car park by having a personal number plate such as SH00T Y4.

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