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5 of the Best Heist Getaway Cars


Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

Best for - making a getaway off-road, bulldozing the Police.

The Range Rover Sport has power, agility, and size on its side. It'll push aside anything that gets in its way and the supercharged V8 petrol version will outrun any fast Police car on the roads, or at least give them a run for their money.

Of course, the Range Rover is not just fast on-road. It's also fast off-road. Show this car a muddy field, a river or a mountain, and it'll just power through them like they're nothing. This is all whilst your getaway driver is having the time of his life sunken in to sumptuous leather seats with the air conditioning on.

The Range Rover Sport also has a big boot for hostages and LOTS of interior space for you to quickly stash the millions of pounds worth or jewels you've stolen. Just remember that the petrol V8 is a thirsty beast and you'll have to pull over at the fuel station eventually. We recommend pre-loading the Sport with a few jerry cans to see you on your way.

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