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5 of the best road legal tyres


Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue

The Pirelli P7 Blue was one of the first production tyres to achieve the double A rating so many tyre manufacturers chased back in 2012, however as standards raised, the double A rating of the P7 Blue dropped. Don’t think that the P7 Blue is a tyre not worthy of mention, as throughout our tests the P7 Blue showed impressive levels of grip with little rolling resistance. It sounds contradictory that a tyre should have high levels of grip with little rolling resistance, however it’s certainly proven that it can be achieved with the P7 Blue.

Boasting great wet and dry weather grip, the P7 Blue, much like our other tested tyres, gave plenty of feedback as to what was going on underneath us, allowing for increased confidence through bends. The only let down from the P7 Blue was deep water.

The P7 Blue seemed to struggle through deep water testing when the water channels were interrupted, meaning consistency through deep water wasn’t great. We’d still recommend the P7 Blue as an all-weather tyre, but would just advise on avoiding driving through deep water while turning (which isn’t recommended with any tyre anyway!)

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